Fishy Lake Disabled Fishing
.......... fishing in the heart of the French countryside

Useful Information for FishyLake

Lake Summary
Average catch
3 Acres
3 - 7 feet
Firm bed with silt patches
450lb per week
Lakeside Assistance & Tuition Available
Special Features
Lily pads, Over-hanging margins and Reed Beds.
Designated parking Area.
Vehicle access to all Swims
Cabin with Kitchen, wet room, toilet, electricity & water.
Twin bed cabin with washing facilities.
Bivvies & Beds
Caters for Abled & Disabled Anglers
English Spoken
Fish Summary
Carp Stock:

Other Fish:

Largest Fish Caught
Large stock up to 40lb

Catfish up to 50lb, Roach, Tench, Perch

Catfish 32lb Carp 30lb
Night Fishing