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About Us here at FishyLake

I have always been a keen angler and have been fishing since I was knee high to a grasshopper! My father used to take me fishing and started my passion for angling. As I was growing up I was a member of various fishing clubs and used to go fishing at every given opportunity.

I moved to France with my wife and two daughters in the Summer of 2006, having already bought FishyLake earlier in the Spring. Yes, we found the lake before finding a house!

The lake had been in the seller's family for over 20 years and I was not sure what type of fish were already in the lake, so I decided to add to the existing stock by introducing large carp and tench in November 2007.
Paul and Deborah Hawkins

I am a member of the IFM (institute of Fisheries Management) and am committed to looking after the welfare of the fish and the fishery, whilst ensuring that you have an excellent fishing experience during your stay.

We want everyone to enjoy their fishing experience at FishyLake and we are always on hand to offer assistance and advice.

We are here to help you enjoy your stay at FishyLake.

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